Cardi B celebrates her 28th birthday with ex-husband Offset Cardi B celebrates her 28th birthday with ex-husband Offset

Cardi B celebrates her 28th birthday with ex-husband Offset

The singer seems to be back in love...specially after the rapper gave her a brand new Rolls-Royce luxury car as a gift! Cardi took the party to another level going with her man and friends to Las Vegas for celebrating like a superstar would do: drinking, dancing, shopping and laughing. Watch the videos for more! 

  • Friends like Megan Thee Stallion from her song "WAP" accompanied the multi-millionaire to Nevada.
  • With a net worth of over $25 million dollar, they booked the most expensive hotel suite, VIP tables at the club and went to the fanciest restaurants. 
  • Offset even booked a billboard with a photo of the singer and their daughter Kulture to start the festivities. 
Cardi with her new gift from Kylie Jenner

We know Cardi. And she knows how to celebrate.

Taking the party up to 6 am in the rooftop of the hotel, twerking their bodies in the middle of the halls, a $250.000 dollar gift with the name of her daughter in it, what else can she ask?

The couple seems to be back together, expressing their love on social networks 'Thank you sir I love it'. They even danced together and kissed in front of everybody.

Cardi is partying hard during her 28th birthday weekend

Kylie Jenner, who also participated in the WAP video, sent her a Birkin handcrafted bag worth around $180.000 dollars.

Megan Thee Stallion was also there and posted how wild the weekend it was. At one point, she couldn't even tell whether she had 150.000 or 250.000 in her hands.

More of the birthday celebrations

Money, friends, love. Everything one could ever wish for. Happy Birthday Cardi B!

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