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Cardi B breaks records with her new single 'Up'

Are you looking for a power anthem to start your 2021 with? The wait is over! Cardi B has put out a banger that is breaking records left and right. What impact has this song had on the music industry? Read below to find out!

Cardi for a photoshoot

Naughty lyrics and colorful videos are definitely Cardi's brand. No one can do it better than her, don't you agree? After being rightfully titled as 'Woman of the Year 2020' by Billboard, the 'WAP' rapper is back on her feet to sing for her fans. 

The star even uploaded an announcement on her Instagram for it. Read all about the viral clipping here!

Cardi B 'Up' music video stills

 'Once upon a time, man. I heard that I was ugly'. The lyrics of the brand-new single 'Up'.

The song was released worldwide on February 5th, 2021. The fierce woman is spitting rap bars with her devilish flow and creative lyrics. It's no secret that the 'Bodak Yellow' star's biggest inspiration is her own past. No wonder, she's a daring and independent woman! Click here to read about her awesome songwriting journey!

Fans speculated that the song reminded them of Cardi's hit single called 'Red Barz' which came out in 2017. Do you hear the similarities too?

Cardi B at a Gucci event

After the groundbreaking success of 'WAP', the rapper hired the same director, Tanu Muino for 'Up'. The track is refreshing to hear with deep bass guitar and upbeat Southern trap beats lined in the instrumental.

The hip-hop song secured more than 2 million views within the first 24 hours of its release breaking the record held by 'WAP'. The surprise single secured more than 110 million Spotify streams in one day! Can you believe it? 


There's no denying that Cardi rightfully deserves all the success! It's nice to see all her friends showed their support on Instagram. The rapper also uses her platform to promote songs by other artists and raise awareness for social issues. What did you think about her new song? Let us know in the comments. 

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