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Britney Spears' sister Jamie Lynn opens up about pregnancy

The 30-year-old opened up about her decision to stay away from the public life when she got pregnant at the young age of 16. At the time she was a child star, filming for the Nickelodeon TV series "Zoey 101". Watch the video below to find out the reason that took the star to make that decision. 

  • Jamie is the little sister of Britney and Bryan Spears and has played a major role in the singer's life.
  • As a young actress, moved to Los Angeles to film for Nickelodeon.
  • She has 2 daughters now: Maddie (13) with her ex-boyfriend Casey Aldridge and Ivey Joan (3) with current husband Jamie Watson.
  • She started acting again in Netflix's series "Sweet magnolias" and a reboot for "Zoey 101".
  • Britney fans started a petition for the actress to get fired for "not supporting" the singer.

From the small town of McComb, Mississippi, to being one of the world's most famous child actresses, living in LA while your sister is a diva, to going back without phone and hiding from the world. The roller coaster life of Jamie Lynn Spears is worth of a movie.

Jamie Lynn as a "Zoey 101" child star

She opened up to Nylon magazine explaining the world what happened and why she disappeared from the public eye. "He was my first love in high school and I thought it was going to last forever", talking about former boyfriend Casey Aldridge.

Jamie Lynn Spears

At the moment, everything what she was thinking about was in telling her family and friends. "I was a baby myself, so I couldn't imagine the shock of having one of my own".

Jamie made the covers of magazines all over the world

Human beings are amazing. She took the mature chance of going back to her town, with her family and friends to give her child and give her a "normal" life away from all the paparazzi in Hollywood.

Jamie Lynn is now more mature than ever, happy with her wonderful family and never regretted the choice she made.

She supports Britney with her conservatorship and is helping her as a part of the legal team who are fighting to regaining her independence from her current tutor, their father James.

The only thing we, as fans, might regret is not being able to enjoy another Spears in stardom.

Fun fact: she relaunched her entertainment career by releasing a couple of country singles like "How Could I Want More" and got over 11 million views! Listen to her wonderful voice below:

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