Britney Spears enjoys a dip with her hot shirtless boyfriend

Pop megastar is letting us enjoy her paradise-like holidays with her incredibly cute boyfriend. The couple took some days off to go to Hawaii and relax and also enjoy the wonderful places the island has to offer. Scroll down to know what they are up to!

  • The hit maker and her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, went on holidays to Maui, Hawaii.
  • Pop star decided she wanted to 'early celebrate' her 39th birthday which is on December 2nd.
  • Both Britney and Sam having been showing what they are up to every single day in the Aloha State.
Screenshot from Britney Spears official Instagram account

'Oops I did it again' singer is enjoying some amazing days in Maui, Hawaii with her boyfriend, model and trainer, Sam Asghari. The joyful couple are having such a wonderful time together in paradise, that they are showing everything to us. We have lately learned that the two of them seemed to have been kicking the island; both of them love sports and walking a lot!

Screenshot from Britney Spears official Instagram account

Adrenaline is surely an essential part of their lives, they just love it and clearly can't help it! In the recently posted video we can see Britney walking ahead of her Sam wearing a plain white and quite lose t-shirt on top of her bikini, making her way through the bushes to finally jump without second thoughts into the Pacific Ocean.

Screenshot from Britney Spears official Instagram account

Of course, she was not alone. It only took a couple of seconds for her boy to take off his shirt and jump too. In the video we can see the lovebirds and a local who shows them the way.

Sam has one of the fittest bodies in the US

After seeing both of them splashing the salty water, the video continues with the perfect sunset and Britney assuring it was 'only magic here'.

Screenshot from Sam Asghari official Instagram account

The happy couple seems to be having a great time in the Aloha island since to that video caption, Sam posted a cute comment stating the Pop Princess was 'the Queen of cliff diving'. Asghari and Spears really deserved some time off and relax a bit. They need to recharge batteries before facing the trial again on December 16th next hearing.  Watch full diving video below! 

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