Britney Spears' dad Jamie banned her from being a mom again

Britney Spears' dad Jamie banned her from being a mom again

Yes, you read correctly. Life would be way different for Britney if the #FreeBritney movement her fans started would be working at its fullest potential. According to some new leaked documents and the confession of Maxi, the famous makeup artist who told that James Spears is allowed to decide not only on her finances, but much more. Read the secrets below!

  • Britney has been in a relationship with her 26-year-old boyfriend Sam Asghari since 2016.
  • He wanted to be a professional athlete, but dedicated himself to modeling. 
  • Close sources say he has a great relationship with Britney's sons Sean and Jayden (from her previous relationship with ex-husband, rapper Kevin Federline.
Britney and Sam want to start a new family

As the typical jealous father, who takes care of her daughter, James did everything he could on his power to keep Sam away from Britney. At the beginning, he thought that the young stud was after her money, but Britney managed to win that battle as well.

Who is Sam anyways? 

The Grammy Award winner has been having more "freedom" meaning she can go out, travel with her family and boyfriend alone, but Britney's army of fans still worry about her state of mind due to the latest photos and videos she has been posting on Instagram. Posting the same picture several times, bizarre dance videos and many other reflections that nobody seem to understand. Despite all the weirdness, we still love Britney and want her to be free.

What exactly says the conservatorship?

The diva has been posting pictures with the same face that leaves the fans worried

Apparently, the conservatorship has many secret passages that leave to her father James being able to control from the most minimal details to whether she gets married or not. We are all waiting for Britney to being able to grow once again, and have a kid that apparently, Sam desperately wants. One step at a time, and we are pretty sure she has the magic and the strength to pull it off! 

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