Bow Wow got in real trouble with women for an Instagram post!

33-year-old rapper Shad Moss AKA Bow Wow is in the public eye these days for a post he made on his Instagram stories. The female community is not happy about his comments and social media is flooded with comments against the artist. Keep reading to know everything.  

  • Shad Moss became famous in 2000 at the age of 13 under the name Lil Bow Wow. His first studio album Beware of The Dog brought him to the top of fame but the artist failed to stay in the top positions steadily for the past 20 years.
  •  In fact, he made a stop in his musical career in 2016, and to this day he has not released any studio album but several singles such as “Met On Collins” in October 2020.
  • Bow Wow came up with some advice to his male friends about girls who might approach them for personal gain. 
Bow Wow.

The 5-step guide on how to recognize a “Thottreprerneur” has brought a lot of controversy on social media and the old battle between girls and boys is on fire.

Apparently, the singer has suffered several love disappointments in the past and it is likely that his post comes from spite. However, it must be recognized that it is fun.

Bow Wow's Instagram post.

The truth is that at one point I thought Bow was describing the career of singer Cardi B.

I hope that is not the case because her sharp tongue would leave him without fingers to write in the blink of an eye! LOL

Bow Wow and Shai Moss.

Despite the controversy of the alleged macho background behind the post, it should be noted that Shad is the father of a beautiful 9-year-old girl named Shai and is very loving with her.

Thinking of her own daughter we do not believe that the singer of “Shortie Like Mine” has a specific problem with the female gender but rather a broken heart!

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