Rose! Rose!

Blackpink's Rosé stays loyal to YSL in the Ice Cream video!

'Ice Cream', the collaboration between Blackpink and Selena Gomez — was never going to be just about the music. With these five fashion favourites involved, end-of-summer style inspiration was guaranteed. Sure enough, the video is packed with style treats. The queens set new records of looking chic with their impeccable outfit choices. Rosé out of all the divas caught our eye the most. What do you think? Read below to find out!

  • Rosé has an estimated net worth of $8 million. 
  • The 23-year-old gorgeous singer is the brand ambassador of the French House, 'Saint Laurent'.
  • She has 30.3 million followers on Instagram. She uses this platform to share her amazing sense of style.

The music video of 'Ice Cream' is full of surprises. Selena moves from a vintage pin-up style bikini to a ’90s-inspired Puma dress and statement visor. The members of Blackpink wear looks that go from matching monochrome to tennis whites accessorised with Chanel. 

Our favourite style move, however, is one of Rosé’s. Saint Laurent campaign star is faithful to the French brand’s tailoring and accessories. The video presented the fashion icon with an opportunity to add a little touch of London to her style repertoire. 

In a scene that plays out against a colour-pop backdrop, Rosé is seen in a corseted ensemble by designer Ashley Williams. Instead of wearing a black YSL tux dress, Rosé channels hyper-cute kitsch. Although at first glance it might look like a dress but it's not.

Rose looking adorable in this outfit!

The queen is wearing a mashup of a Dalmatian dog motif corset and a black and white marabou skirt first seen on the London Fashion Week 2020 show

We love to see Blackpink in looks by the big French designers, but we’re eager to see them championing more of London’s design talent, too. 


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