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Billie Eilish's traumatic experience with an obsessed fan!

The 19-year-old musician and songwriter Billie Eilish has leaped to stardom like a storm. Eilish’s fame is amazing and she has a special relationship with her millions of followers, but being a celebrity has also its downside. Scroll as “The Bad Guy” singer opens up about a distressing run-in with a creepy fan!

  • Born and raised in Los Angeles, Billie Eilish grew up with her parents, both actors, and her older brother and creative collaborator Finneas O'Connell.
  • Eilish has been writing songs since she was 11 years old and her breakthrough came at the age of 13 with the single “Ocean Eyes,” which went viral in 2016.
  • Her debut album “When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” made the singer the younger artist to have a number one album in the US Billboard 100 chart.
  • The musician revealed the pitfalls of fame and how she was traumatized after an encounter with an obsessed fan.  
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Billie Eilish has become incredibly famous considering that the superstar is still a teenager.  No wonder that she’s still figuring it how to deal with her millions of fans. It’s a complex relationship and she is always learning.

Billie Eilish gives hugs and love to her fans!

Eilish has a unique bond with her fans. She always meets them backstage after a concert. Most of them are very young preteen girls dressed like a mini version of Billie and their parents accompany them.

The singer talks to them, she compliments them and then the girls hand Maggie Baird (Eilish mother) their phones for a selfie with their favorite idol.

Billie Eilish and her mother Maggie Baird after a concert meeting fans.

Can you believe that Eilish even gives her fans a hug? Though, she stopped signing autographs because of “eBayers” who only want to sell them online for the profile. They are not real fans and only want to exploit Billie to make money, as we revealed in a previous Yaay article.  

Billie Eilish connects with her fans and talks to them in concerts

However, there are few other artists who dedicate so much time and effort to talk to and care about their fans like Billie, but fame has a dark side.

She revealed that the stress during her tour in 2019 was causing her skin rashes, and a doctor explained it was her body’s way of telling her she was exhausted and needed to rest. So she was pleased to spend 2020 at home with her family during the pandemic.

However, her family’s home address in Highland Park neighborhood in Los Angeles was leaked and published online, so fans were showing up every day. Billie remembers an overly enthusiastic older guy who said he had driven all the way from San Diego. Her parents decided to hire a bodyguard and Billie said it was a disturbing experience:

“It was really traumatizing, I completely don’t feel safe in my house anymore, which sucks. I love my house.”

Eilish confessed that it’s annoying. She doesn’t hate fame, but she dislikes certain parts of it. She is grateful and loves the attention of her fans but she doesn’t want them hanging out in front of her house.

So next time you want to show your appreciation to the star, why don’t you just send her an Instagram direct message and let her have her space and private life!

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