Billie Eilish wearing a yellow top and blonde hairstyle

Billie Eilish’s “Ocean Eyes” hits 700 million streams on Spotify!

Not only is Billie Eilish the most streamed female artist around the globe, the 19-year-old superstar keeps breaking records with her hit song “Ocean Eyes.” Scroll down as we reveal why the “Bad Guy” singer is going to top the list for most-streamed female artist of 2021 for the third year in a row!

  • Eilish has been writing songs since she was 11 years old and her breakthrough came at the age of 13 with the single “Ocean Eyes,” which went viral in 2016.
  • Her debut album “When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” made the singer the younger artist to have a number one album in the US Billboard 100 chart.
  • The 19-year-old is a natural blonde. She has dyed her hair in many different colors through the years, currently Billie rocks lime green roots with black tips.
Billie Elish's "Ocean Eyes" single cover promotional image.

Billie Eilish is an incredible music phenomenon with over 700 million streams on Spotify for her song “Ocean Eyes.

Billie Eilish back in 2016 when she released "Ocean Eyes"

Since the musician released her first song she’s been going from strength to strength in an awesome creative journey that has just keep smashing record after record.

Billie Eilish and her brother and creative collaborator Finneas

"Ocean Eyes" was uploaded to SoundCloud in November 2015 before officially becoming Eilish’s debut single on her debut EP "Don't Smile At Me." To listen to the track on Spotify click here.

Finneas posing at his studio in Los Angeles.

Her brother, Finneas O'Connell produced the song. He initially wrote it to sing it with his high school band before realizing it was a perfect fit for his young sister’s eerie and dreamy voice.

"She brought life to it that I couldn't believe. I've never doubted a single word she sings. It's such a gift. Her voice is like a Stradivarius violin."

Billie Eilish debut EP "Dont Smile At Me" cover photo.

The track went viral and was officially released as Eilish's debut single in 2016. It put the singer on the radar and started her journey towards stardom. Billie wouldn’t be the household name in music she is now without the success of this beautiful and enchanting letter to a romantic crush with ocean eyes.

Billie Eilish's fans are getting excited with her new upcoming record!

On exclusive we revealed that the singer-songwriter is currently creating her new album with Finneas and she is almost ready to release her much-awaited second record.

We love Billie Eilish's cool red Dior sneakers!

We’re sure it’s going to make a huge splash when it finally gets into fans’ hands. Everything Billie touches turns to gold and her new work will surely smash all the records again and again!

Billie Eilish's red is the new green?

Eilish promised a “new era” with the release of her new documentary “The World’s A Little Blurry” which will premiere on Apple TV+ on February 26th and she’s ready to say goodbye to her iconic neon green hairstyle!

Billie Elish wearing her iconic neon green outfits matching her hairstyle

Make sure you sign up to Apple TV+ so that you can be the first to get the lowdown on the teenage sensation’s epic journey on the road to becoming a music legend!

Billie Eilish new Apple TV+ promotional banner "The World's A Little Blurry"

OMG, we’re counting the days! So exciting!!! Who knows what the new era is going to look like?

Billie Eilish wearing red Dior fashion style.

Here’s a tip…Billie shared a photo of her wearing red Dior sneakers on her Instagram and fans are betting her new look will feature red! It’s the perfect color for this bold, fearless and endlessly creative, and energetic performer! Go Billie, rock it in red!

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