Billie Eilish take social media by storm with a sassy twerk!

The 'Bad Guy' singer released her new musical video on November 12 and is rocking the world with it. Besides that, she posted on her Instagram account a behind-the-scenes video in which she shared with all of us an incredible shot of herself twerking. Scroll down to be breathless with it!

  • Billie Eilish is 18 years old, she was born on December 18, 2001.
  • Her natal place is Los Angeles, California. 
  • The singer was the director of her new video clip for 'Therefore I am' filmed at an empty mall. 

The behind-the-scenes

Billie Eilish in 'Therefore I am' video. Source: YouTube

The young pop star posted on her Instagram account some memories of the filming process of her new music video for 'Therefore I am.' On it, we see her laughing and having a great time with her crew. 

Billie behind the scenes of 'Therefore I am' video. Source: Instagram

Furthermore, we can see how a cameraperson follows her holding a phone that seems to be an iPhone while she jumped and danced through the empty mall at 4 a.m.

Billie in'Therefore I am' video. Source: Instagram

SWIPE FOR TIA BEHIND THE SCENES LOL. Empty mall at 4 am you see us doing the try not to dance challenge and failing. This shoot was so chaotic LMFAO we had so much fun,” she captioned the post. 

The twerking moment

Billie behind the scenes of 'Therefore I am' video. Source: Instagram

In one of the videos she is standing with one member of her crew while hip hop music plays, and suddenly they start to do some dance steps together. What nobody expected, it's the fact that suddenly, Billie appears twerking like a queen!

Our conclusions

Billie Eilish in the 'Therefore I am' video. Source: YouTube

The moment is short but priceless, Billie bounces her body while she puts her best dared face. We wonder if this girl is going to stop surprising us some day because all what she does, gets better every day. Do you know how to twerk?

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