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Billie Eilish surprised fans wearing a see-through dress

As we aren't used to see Billie showing her body, she dazzles us every time she does it, but in this occasion she really didn't care of anything at all. The singer wore a translucent dress with a bikini above it and fans went crazy. Watch the video with the pictures below!

  • Billie's merchandising clothes are mostly baggy and oversized.
  • She usually doesn't wear exhibitionist clothes.
  • Slowly, she is starting to dress differently and fans all over the world are loving it!

The controversial outfit

Singer Billie Eilish

Billie wore a two-pieces swimsuit and translucent black dress above it. The dress left nothing to the imagination and it had a print of tons of colorful bunnies.

Her attitude

Singer Billie Eilish

Billie seemed really happy freely showing her body, with her eccentric black and green hair, she turns around in one of the shots giving a mischievous smile to the photographer. 

Our thoughts

Billie Eilish

Since the young artist always has trouble with what people say about her body, it's a relief to see her happily showing her figure to the world.

Billie Eilish. Source: Getty Images

She doesn't need to give explanations to anyone about what she wears, and we love watching her enjoying her body.

In times when body shaming is easier than ever to practice, where people behind a computer or cellphone write hateful comments on the Internet, the five-time Grammy Award winner is an example for youngster on how to be happy, respect yourself and others and fight for what is right.

It's really wonderful how youngsters are getting more and more envolved into the deep problems of society like racism, climate change (take Greta Thunberg for example), women rights and bullying.

Her Instagram story of December 25th, defending women's rights

Also, Billie does it because she is just a loving person. She has a net worth of $25 million, a bright present and more incredible future ahead.

She could be easily sitting on her couch relaxing, but she chooses to step up and participate in manifestations, charity events and really wants to make a difference! We love you Billie! Definitely a role model to follow!

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