Billie Eilish performing Billie Eilish performing

Billie Eilish shocks Coachella audience with unexpected guests

The super pop star Billie Eilish rocked the 2022 Coachella stage. The audience went crazy when some other artist joined her.

The 20 year old singer Billie Eilish have achieve all the most important prizes of the industry like the Grammys and now she also won an Oscar. The young pop star is already used to breaking records. 

Last weekend she got another one: she is the younger headliner for the music festival Coachella. The whole performance of Eilish conquered the audience inside and out of the event. The internet is jaw-dropping with the special guests of the singer. We are telling you what happend.

Billie Eilish, Khalid and Damon Albarn in the same stage.

As soon as it started, Billie Eilish gave some instruction to the audience:

No.1 rule: don't be an a*shole

No.2: you're not allowed to judge anyone out here.

And No.3: have fun b*tch.

She performed in the company of her brother Finneas the songs "Happier Than Ever" , "I Love You" and "Your Power". Then the public euphoria increased when Khalid joined the stage to sing his collab with the young artist "Lovely".

Billie Eilish and Khalid at Coachella / By @BiIlieEilishARG

The surprises continued with another guest, this time Damon Albarn presented "Growing Older" and Gorillaz iconic song "Feel Good Inc". Eventually Eilish said:

This is the craziest thing I've ever experienced

Billie Eilish show for Coachella / By @BillieEilishMEX

Previously the pop singer revealed that Albarn is one of her biggest inspirations. Such a good night for Billie!

What was your favorite moment of her performance? We couldn't avoid vibe to "Bad guy"

Check here how Billie Eilish responds to her critics.

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