Billie Eilish reveals for the first time her body in LA! Billie Eilish reveals for the first time her body in LA!

Billie Eilish reveals for the first time her body in LA!

The singer was seen for the first time ever without her characteristic 'baggy' outfit and what a surprise she gave us! Looking what it could be our typical Walmart outfit, the pale skin artist wore comfy shorts, Gucci socks and Yeezy flip-flops and a brown top. Clearly, she has been out of shape during quarantine. What do you think?  

  • Born in Los Angeles, at 18 years old, she has become one of the city biggest symbols.
  • Billie has a net worth of over $25 million she has the luxury of going to the supermarket dressed like she wants. 
  • She tries to have a "normal" life and but probably didn't think that she was going to be captured by paparazzi.
Billie going to the supermarket in Los Angeles. Source: Mega

Baggy clothes. The main style of Pirate (yes, her middle name is Pirate, and no, we aren't joking) has been always wearing extra large hoodies or shirts so that nobody knows what her body looks like.

Her body looks like 3 different pasted in Photoshop

Separating her body in 3 one might even think that is Photoshopped, but no. Her muscular and thin legs have nothing to do with her belly and big chest, and her face looks super slim.

We are not judging. We are just surprised that she picked what it might seem as a pajama to go out. Specially in California, where everybody knows her.

Her hair looked as green as ever and despite everything the haters can say, we love her. Probably in 2021, when she starts her "Where do we go" World Tour again, she will be more fit and slim.

Not due to style and appearance, but on these shows one has to be super trained to handle 3 hours dancing, singing, traveling and sleeping a few hours between each country.

Her usual "baggy" style. Source: Rex

Despite a few extra pounds, we still love you Billie. Unique style, won 5 Grammys with 18 years old, loves her fans and keeps posting incredible songs. What else can you ask?

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