Billie Eilish laying in bed

Billie Eilish revealed she took diet pills at 12 and peed in bed!

The 19-year-old singer, who has won five Grammy’s in 2020, has opened up about her traumatic relationship with her body. Can you believe that Billie Eilish confessed that she took diet pills when she was only 12? Watch the video below as the superstar admits the struggles of starving herself and instead of losing any weight she used to pee in her bed!

  • Billie Eilish revealed that she has a damaging mental relationship with her body. The singer suffers from body dysmorphia, which is a mental health condition that makes her constantly worry about flaws in her appearance.
  • When she was 12 years old she admitted not having a healthy diet. She was self-harming, not eating, dancing to exhaustion, and taking diet pills.
  • The songstress confessed that the weight loss pills caused her incontinence.

The “Bad Guy” singer is one of the world’s most popular musicians in the world but she makes a big effort to avoid paparazzi shots. Since the pandemic, she doesn’t eat out in restaurants.

Billie Eilish wearing an oversized sweater.

However, she was caught walking from her car to visit the house of her brother Finneas. It was a hot summer day so she was wearing a tank top.  Body-shaming trolls criticized her, calling her “fat.”

Billie Eilish wearing a form-fitting tank top walking in LA

Luckily she didn’t mind the offenders because now she has a healthier mindset compared to her traumatic earlier teen years.

Billie Eilish photographed in her earlier teens

Eilish used to struggle with mental health issues. The singer was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome and has an auditory processing disorder. She also suffers from dimorphic body disorder.

Billie Eilish hides her body in oversized clothes.

Billie is in a much better place in her life than where she was five years ago. She was suffering a horrible body relationship. She used to dance for long hours to lose weight and starving herself.

Billie Eilish wearing earrings by Bulgari.

"I remember taking a pill that told me that it would make me lose weight and it only made me pee the bed when I was 12. It’s just crazy."

Billie Eilish wearing body fitted top.

The “No Time to Die” singer confessed that she only wears baggy clothes to avoid being criticized by others. She doesn’t want anyone judging the size of her body.

Billie Eilish wearing a neon green baggy outfit.

Although, if it’s 100 degrees she can decide to wear a tank top and hit back a body-shamers in a short film called “Not My Responsibility.” Click here to watch the video.  

Billie Eilish wearing a translucent Givenchi dress

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