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Billie Eilish opens about living with Tourette's Syndrome

The superstar Billie Eilish was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome when she was just 11 years old. Now she has revealed how her lifestyle is facing this issue.

There is no doubt that Billie Eilish is one of the most important female pop singers of the moment despite her short career. She dropped her first track when she was really young and now Eilish is a global sensation at the beginning of her twenties.

The artist is really honest about her personal issues, insecurities and health problems. A long time ago, she revealed that she was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome. in a recent interview the singer shared everything about her experience. This is what she said.

Billie Eilish / By @dataeilish

Billie Eilish talks about her experience with the Tourette's Syndrome

Billie Eilish was a guest of the Netflix show "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction". She was asked about her health condition, especifically her Tourette's Syndrome.

Billie Eilish in "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction" / By @bills_fantasy

The singer of "Bad Guy" revealed that she suffers from some tics that include raising her eyebrows, wiggling her ears, clicking her jaw and flexing her arm. She added:

If you film for long time enough, you're going to see lots of tics.

Eilish explained that she feels offended when a tic appears and the people laugh because they think she is trying to be funny. However, the artist doesn't experience the tics while moving around on stage.

These are things you would never notice if you’re just having a conversation with me but, for me, they're very exhausting.

The young musician also shared that she is happy to talk about this topic. She said that there could be more people that have it but they don't know it.

Her fans are really thankful for her honest words. What do you think about it?

Billie Eilish is the most awarded artist born in this century. Read more about it here.

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