Billie Eilish posing in the red carpet Billie Eilish posing in the red carpet

Billie Eilish modeling without clothes soon?

She is one of the most private singers on Earth. Despite the incredible hype towards her, for her talent, political views and awesome way of life, she never shows any skin. But that might be changing anytime soon. Find out why below!

  • She is only 19 years old and there are literally 2 pictures of her in bikini. 
  • Her using of baggy clothes has inspired millions and even brands to launch different collections.
  • The song "Everything I wanted" speaks a lot about her convictions.
Billie Eilish wearing baggy clothes for a photoshoot

Billie confessed that if there is a moment where she feels like she can be in front of a camera without clothing, she will do it.

"Anyone can dress the way they want"

That is a clear reflection of her self confidence with with her skin, body, and shape.

One of the two pictures of Billie in bikini found on the Internet. Her love life is also a secret.

Currently, she is focusing on her career (and focusing has as a result 5 Grammy Awards) and might be getting to know someone anytime soon.

"Nothing can stop me if I want to get undressed"

Nothing will Billie, no worries. We bet there are millions of fans wanting to see that, but on the mean time, we love her just the way it is.

Also, without wanting it, she created this aura around her and her love life that has everyone astonished!

Her strong convictions, support for the weak, climate changes and animals are an inspiration to us all. Thanks Billie!

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