Billie Eilisg for 'Overheated' Billie Eilisg for 'Overheated'

Billie Eilish leads 'Overheated', new project to face climate change

Billie Eilish held a conference in London for "Overheated". What is this new project about?

No one can stop Billie Eilish. The 20 year old singer has conquered the world with her unique music. Despite having a short career, she is one of the most powerful pop singers of the moment, no one can have any doubt about it.

No matter if it's a playful song like "Bad Guy" or a beautiful ballad like "No Time To Die". this talented lady drops nothing but hits that dominate the charts. At the same time, Eilish has a big positive influence on her global public.

Billie Eilish for 'Overheated' / Twitter @BiIlieEilishARG

The fans love her because of he honest music. On the other hand, the artist is not scared to talk about some controversial issues. Billie Eilish is using her massive popularity for a good cause. It is the case of "Overheated". We are telling you everything.

Billie Elish starts the "Overheated" events in London

Recently, Billie Eilish announced her participation in the documentary "Overheated", named just after one of her songs. The project also will be offering various chats with climate change experts. These events are hosted by Eilish.

Biilie Eilish in London / twitter @TicketmasterB2B

On June 17th was held an event in London. Eilish's mother, Maggie Baird, the founder of a sustainable food group participated in the talk. The rest of the panelists were Carly MacLachlan, Chiara Badialy, Steve Sayer, and Jamal Chalabi.

They were suggesting the music industry change tour strategies. According to the specialist, is possible to adopt sustainable options without increasing the prices. They are asking for the artist contracts to include these issues.

On the other hand, vegan food was a hot topic during the event. As you may know, Billie Eilish doesn't meat. While she is on tour, she is asking important fast-food franchises to sell just for one day a plant-based menu.

It is a giant project! What do you think about it?

Billie Eilish is a positive influence. Read here what she did for the fans during a concert.

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