Why is Billie Eilish the funniest TikToker?

Billie joined one of the most famous social networks of the moment this week. With just two videos she already has 5.6 million followers and more than 37.1 million likes. The singer showed her funniest side here and fans were happy about it. Scroll down to see what she did!

  • Like an excellent centennial of 18 years old, Billie finally joined TikTok. 
  • She also uses other social networks that we know like Twitter and Instagram to share content with her fans.
  • Eilish only has two videos in her new profile, but they are the funniest.

The account

Billie Eilish. Source: Getty Images

At the beginning, her TikTok account wasn't verified and it appeared under the name of @coochiedestroyer5. Now she has a verified account and changed the name to @billieeilish. 

Singer Billie Eilish

The singer reached 5.6 million followers and more than 37.1 million likes in really few days. It seems that all her teenager fans were expecting for her to be part of TikTok too. 

The videos she posted

Billie's first TikTok Video. Source: TikTok

In the first video, she uses the 'Time Tunnel' filter, to modify her face to have a 'perfect' nose, but something went wrong and the final result was the funniest. She has more than 153.8 million views on that one. 

Billie's second TikTok Video. Source: TikTok

In the second and last one she posted, Billie tried to put a ukulele in her mouth and succeeded. “When I was 15 years old I put the head of a ukulele in my mouth. We should see if I can do it again, although I doubt it.” she said at the beginning. She's hilarious!


Billie Eilish doing a funny face.

We are the happiest ones about Billie joining this network because she shows here her lovely dummy side. Listening to her laugh is almost so incredible as listening to her voice. We hope to see more videos like these soon. Do you already have a TikTok account to follow her? You can watch her first video here:

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