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Billie Eilish has the biggest vocabulary among the modern singers

The young singer Billie Eilish has a pretty unique music style. Her lyrics are very distinctive as well, her vocabulary is not a joke.

One of the factors why the public love Billie Eilish that much is because of her authentic personality. As we can hear in her songs, her unique attitude is inside of her music.

The singer has infinitive themes that have inspired her songs. We can find a song for all kinds of topics in her discography. Love, friendship, anxiety, existential crisis, break up stories and more.

Billie Eilish at the Met Gala 2022 / By @PastranaTweet

The fresh ideas of Eilish are nowadays all over the world. Those hits are now part of the fanatics' lifes. We are all singing and vibing to her greatest songs.

Is not a surprise that the talented artist has received the title of the musician with the biggest vocabulary of the industry. We are telling you all the details.

Billie Eilish is the singer with the best vocabulary of the moment.

A few months ago the magazine Consequence Of Sound revealed a report that indicates how many unique words the songwriters use in their songs. Billie Eilish topped the list with 169 words. Even if her career is short, the artist has a lot of things to say.

Consequence Os Sound's post / By @SomosShakiFans

In second place we can see Harry Styles with 159 words. Lizzo took the third spot with 153 just followed by Shakira with 151 words. All of them are amazing songwriters.

No one can deny how uncommon the stories Eilish tells with her music are. If you have any doubts about it, we recommend you to listen to "COPYCAT" or "All the good girls go to hell".

Recently Billie Eilish talked about her life suffering from Tourette's Syndrome. All the information is in this article.

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