Billie Eilish fulfilled our childhood dream with her song

The 'Ocean Eyes' creator caused tons of emotions in her fans with her new video clip of the song 'Therefore I am.' The main one was the surprise of watching her fulfilling the dream of going to an empty shopping mall at 4 a.m. Scroll down to know what they think!

  • Billie Eilish is almost 19 years old, she will be celebrating her birthday on December 18.
  • The singer has a brother, Finneas O'Connell, who also produces her music. 
  • Her last video for single 'Therefore I am' took place at the Glendale Galleria, outside Eilish’s native, Los Angeles.

The Music Video

Billie in 'Therefore I am' video. Source: YouTube

As the song plays, Billie wreak disturbances in the known Glendale Galleria. While she sings, we see this artist walking past Justice, Boarders, Lululemon, Tilly’s and some other famous storefronts.

Billie in 'Therefore I am' video. Source: YouTube

She steals food and drinks from the stores like the places are hers. Eilish has by the end of the video a glazed doughnut, a pretzel from Wetzel’s, some French fries and a giant lemonade from Hot Dog on a Stick. 

Billie in 'Therefore I am' video. Source: YouTube

The video ends the same way that the spree would probably end in real life, with a security guard kicking her out of the place while she manages how to do to take all with her. 

What fans said about it

Billie in 'Therefore I am' video. Source: YouTube

Eilish laughs during the whole video, she is living the dream of every teenager in Los Angeles and probably in the world. Many of her fans left comments on the post and wrote some tweets about it. 

Billie Eilish

Oh to be running around Glendale Galleria with Billie Eilish stealing food,” tweeted one of them, and we couldn't agree more. Do you imagine visiting an empty Shopping Center with your favorite artist?


Billie Eilish. Source: Deviant Art

We think that Billie's new music video reflects perfectly the spirit of a wild teenager that wants to break the law. She breaks the rules with her music and videos every time, but we love seeing her doing it here too. Definitely, this idea for a video is really cool. Congrats, Billie! Watch the whole music video here: 

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