Billie Eilish singing in a concert

Billie Eilish expands her business and is now designing!

The multiple Award-winning artist, the new idol of the generation "Z" is not only composing, singing, producing and recording but now is expanding into other areas like design. Los Angeles Organizing Committee for the 2028 Olympic & Paralympic Games is associating with celebrities for presenting their logo and the diva was chosen due to her style. Watch her presentation video below!

  • Billie was born in Los Angeles and lives there with her family.
  • She blurred her home from Google Maps after a stalker found out where she lived and wanted to go in.
  • Other celebrities like Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon also participated in the proposal.
  • Growing up in LA, she identifies with the city and supports its development, including the incredible sports games.

Her success is non-stop. She is environmentalist, strong supporter of animals, donates money for anti-racism nonprofits and on top of that, every brand or government agency wants to have her.

The story of Billie and Los Angeles

The official statement of LA28 says "We are a community of inspired individuals and fearless dreamers. It’s time we made our mark". And Billie embraces exactly that.

She is a dreamer, with a unique personality, sense of style wearing only baggy clothes, a social injustice fighter and a diversity lover. And that is what the Olympics games should be about.

Diversity, union, and fighting for the gold as one nation, not divided by politics or skin color. We can't wait for 2028 to arrive, and to see incredible sports in one of the most multifaceted cities of the United States and the world. 

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