Billie Eilish in London Billie Eilish in London

Billie Eilish demonstrates how much she cares about the fans during her concert in London

Billie Eilish managed perfectly a complicated situation during her concert in London. This is what she did to take care of the public.

The pop sensation Billie Eilish is rocking the Europen stages with her tour "Happier Than Ever". The talented singer knows pretty well how to conquer the crowds. Her beautiful voice and awesome charisma are the perfect combos for a great show.

Despite being pretty young, the singer of "All the good girls go to hell" is one of the best-selling artists in the global industry. Eilish dropped her album "Happier Than Ever" almost one year ago, and now that the pandemic is coming to an end the public is anxious to listen to these songs live. 

Billie Eilish In London / Twitter @smackgirls

Right now the 20 year-old songwriter is in London to perform her greatest hits. As was expected, her shows are a whole success. Unfourtanly, a serious problem is put in danger to the public. This is how Eilish managed the situation.

Billie Eilish stops her concert in London to protect the fanatics

On June 11th Billie Eilish held a concert at the O2 Arena in London. The singer performed her most famous hits such as "Bad Guy" and "Bury A Friend". Eventually, Eilish notinoticedcied that there were some fans having problems.

Billie Eilish in concert / Twitter @LiveNationUK

The crown was really excited and pushing each other, so the talented lady stop the show to take care of the issues. Eilish asked the public to take a step back. She added:

People were fainting and getting pulled out. It's hot, I know, it's crowded, it's hot.

She even talk with the public to recommend telling the security staff if they were feeling bad. Eilish said: "Don't try to save feelings". Immediately, the artist gave orders to provide water to the audience.

This kind of issue during music concerts has concluded in big tragedies. A few months ago, ten people died during the Astroworld festival in Huston, USA. Apparently, Billie was concerned about it, she didn't want something similar to happen to her fans.

Billie Eilish's performances are the best. Check here how good was her acoustic concert in Germany.

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