Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish and more celebrities attended Olivia Rodrigo's 'Sour Tour' concert

Olivia Rodrigo held a concert in Los Angeles for her "Sour Tour". The event was full of celebrities in the audience.

Last year Olivia Rodrigo topped the global charts with her album "Sour". Despite being pretty young, the singer of "Drivers License" has already a super successful music career.

As was expected, the Internet went crazy when the artist announced the beginning of the "Sour Tour". Apparently, she conquered the industry and, at the same time she has been collecting the hearts of some of the hottest celebrities of the moment.

Olivia Rodrigo in Los Angeles / By @LATAMLIV

Let's check some of the personalities that bought tickets to see her on stage in Los Angeles.

Olivia Rodrigo's concert in Los Angeles was full of celebrities

On May 26th Olivia Rodrigo was in Los Angeles with her "Sour Tour". The fanatics noticed that Billie Eilish was in the audience enjoying the best hits of Rodrigo. Eilish even greeted some fanatics while she was leaving the event.

Billie Eilish at Olivia Rodrigo's concert / By @comfortmadillie

That's not all. The people that attend the concert have been sharing more photos of famous personalities who were there to sing Rogrigo's songs.

Lizzo at the 'Sour Tour' / By @oliviarodrigo4k

Some other musicians were in the crown that night. The fans saw Lizzo and Finneas. The filming industry was present as well. Barbie Ferreira, Jessica Alba, Adam Sandler and Barbie Ferreira also enjoyed the show.

Tobey Maguire at Olivia Rodrigo's concert / By @TayliviaTeam

Blue Ivy, (Beyonce's daughter), Vinnie Hacker and the famous Tv host James Corden had a good time with Rodrigo's show.

Olivia's popularity is not a joke! Everyone loves this talented songwriter.

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