Billboard Music Awards and its significance to US artists!

Billboard Music Awards and its significance to US artists!

Billboard Music Awards a.k.a. BBMA celebrates the music whose popularity spreads like wildfire within the industry and amongst the fans. The award ceremony pays tribute to artists who topped the Billboard charts with their current releases over a span of 12-months. Read below to learn about the history and importance of the award ceremony!

  • The first-ever Billboard Music Awards were held in Santa Monica California.
  • Canadian rapper and songwriter, Drake holds the record for winning the most awards. He has 27 billboard music awards for the music he created. 
  • Billboard Music Awards 2020 is expected to be held on the 15th of October in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Every day you hear about some artists making it on the Billboard ‘Hot 100’ chart. But have you ever wondered why these charts hold such significance? Where did they come from, where do they go? Where did you come from, Cotton-Eye Joe? 

Billboard's 'Hot 100' chart in the earlier days

It was the year 1894 when the entertainment magazine ‘Billboard’ made its debut in the world. From covering fairs and circuses at the time, the paper shifted its focus to the music industry. The company has evolved ever since. 

American singer-songwriter, Janet Jackson holding her first BBMA for 'Top Female Artist'. Source: Getty Images

Observing popularity patterns and overall sales of albums and singles released by musicians, Billboard has made sure to shine a spotlight on every person’s talent and hard work. In 1990, the company realized that putting their names on a list isn’t enough. Thus began the series of annually held awards night to appreciate the success of such brilliant music creators. 

Justin Bieber won 6 awards including 'Top New Artist'. Source: Getty Images

However, for a brief period, the celebration was put to a halt as the company faced some contractual issues. The renowned award night was lost in the dark from the years 2007-2010. Making its way back in 2011, we got to see our beloved boy Justin Bieber receive the ‘Top New Artist’ award. 

Ever since then, Billboard has given recognition to numerous new musicians like Sam Smith, Zayn Malik, and Khalid. They’ve introduced us to music that we just can’t stop listening to. Who do you think will shine bright at the Billboard Music Awards this year?

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