Beyoncé and Taylor Swift will make history

Beyoncé vs. Taylor Swift: the battle for the Grammys 2021

Beyoncé and Taylor Swift will compete side by side to make history on March 14th, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The artists will face each other to become the best of the Grammys. Who will be the winner of the night, and who will be able to steal the spotlight? Keep reading to know more about it!

  • Beyoncé is nominated in 2021 for her song "Black Parade".
  • Taylor Swift competes at the Grammys with her album "Folklore."
  • Jay-Z's wife has been nominated 78 times throughout her artistic career.
  • The "Cardigan" composer wrote the song while she was in quarantine.
Beyoncé and Taylor Swift in 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Source: Getty

Beyoncé is really close to breaking a new record. If she wins four of the nine categories in which is nominated, will become the woman with the most Grammys in history. However, Taylor Swift also competes for the limelight of the night, being the second with the most nominations.

Beyoncé at the Grammys

She won her first awards between 2000 and 2001 with the R&B group Destiny’s Child, but in 2003 she began her solo career and got five statuettes. Beyoncé is one of the best artists of the last decades, being awarded 21 times by the Academy and nominated a total of 78.

Paul Macartney has been the only one with the same Beyonce's number of nominations and Quincy Jones get over her with 80. Coincidentally, Jay- Z also surpasses her in nominations, but he couldn't win her same number of statuettes. 

In 2021 the singer of “Black Parade” will participate in the categories of the song of the year,  best rap song, best rap performance, best video clip,  best musical film of the year, best R&B song, and best R&B performance.

Taylor Swift record at the Grammys

"Fearless" led Taylor Swift to win her first four Grammys in 2010. The young singer was so excited that when she posed in front of the cameras one of her awards fell to the ground!

Taylor Swift in the Grammys awards. Source: (Getty)

In total, the interpreter of "Cardigan" has obtained 41 nominations and has been awarded by the National Academy of Arts with 10 statuettes. The one from Pennsylvania will compete in the categories: album of the year, the song of the year, best pop duo, best pop vocal album, best solo performance, and best song written for an audiovisual medium.

The real battle of Grammys night

Beyoncé Vs Taylor Swift in the Grammy awards. Source: (Getty)

Taylor has twice won album of the year at the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences awards and could win another one, but the singers hope to win the most important category of the Grammys, where they also compete with Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish.

Beyoncé and Taylor Swift in the 2010 MTV Music Awards. Source: (Getty)

The singer of “Black Parade” and Taylor Swift have opposite musical styles but they will definitely know how to become the center of all eyes. Tell us which one is your favorite!

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