Beyonce reveals her 3 best kept secrets to keep fit Beyonce reveals her 3 best kept secrets to keep fit

Beyonce reveals her 3 best kept secrets to keep fit

The American singer is well known not only for her incredible voice but also for her amazingly fit body.  Even after giving birth to her twins she recovered her figure in no time! Let's hope her fitness routine helps us too! Scroll down to discover her top three best kept secrets.

  • Beyoncé Knowles was born on September 4th, 1981 in Texas.
  • Knowles is married Jay-Z and they have three children tohether.
  • She was a member of Destiny's Child together with Michelle Williams and her personal friend Kelly Rowland
  • The Grammy Award winner has always taken care of her image 

Beyoncé has a body worth of envy. Let's see if we can follow her advice on how to keep our bodies that fit!

1. Leg day! The singer knows legs are highly important and hard to maintain. She devotes one day specially to train them. Jumping lunges and reverse-squat kicks are just some exercises she does. And we can clearly see the results!

2. Knowles uses a rope to train! This element helps her improve cardio and torch calories. Both things are a must in her life. In conclusion, SAY YES TO THE ROPE!

Beyonce in WAH. Source: wearehandsome

3. Strength is always included. Sit-ups with a medicine ball, dumbbell punches and lunges are just some examples of what she practices almost every day. The American icon knows she needs power to keep up with her presentations.

So, girls, now you know all her secrets. Do you think she will explain everything to her friend Kelly Rowland, so she can go back to her body after pregnancy? Let's watch the video below of her famous song "Single Ladies" and look at her sculpt figure. 

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