Backlash for singer Cardi B after her birthday bash Backlash for singer Cardi B after her birthday bash

Backlash for singer Cardi B after her birthday bash

Party, alcohol and money. With those 3 words one could easily sum up the 28th celebrations from the New York rapper. We talked already about her Rolls-Royce luxury car she got from Offset, a Birkin handbag from Kylie Jenner and it was all good until she posted the last picture on her Instagram and fans started blaming the star for not respecting social distance. Watch the photo below. 

  • Cardi took all of her close friends and family to Las Vegas for a luxurious 3-day party weekend.
  • They partied until 6am, went to the pool and the alcohol was running 24/7.
  • The last picture got "only" 2 million likes (she usually gets on average 5) due to the violations of the health protocol. 

I can understand that as a single mom without being able to go out with your friends, one needs to have those moments where you just party like when you were a teenager.

Cardi released her full strength, energy and left everything on the weekend. She even confessed being drunk when posting a video walking in a micro bikini and high heels.

Despite everything we love about her, she received certain anger form the fans that slammed her for being "irresponsible" and thinking she is above everything else "so celebrities don’t think social distancing applies to them too?".

Fans were outraged

The picture revealed almost 50 people standing next to each other with no masks (only one of the whole group is wearing them), shouting, looking happy and celebrating.

 In another situation, this could be totally normal and even fun, but in the context of a global pandemic, people losing the jobs, Cardi should be smarter than that.

If you want to be irresponsible in private, ok, do, it, but don't show it to the world. She has over 76 million followers, most of them in their teenage years.

Twerking, exotic dancers and dollars all over the dance floor

Hopefully she can be more responsible in the future and we thank the fans who are there to take care of her! 

Check out the billboard rapper Offset booked for her:


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