The handsome K-pop star, Jimin The handsome K-pop star, Jimin

BTS singer Jimin  turns muse for his 25th birthday!

The 22-year-old is a self-professed perfectionist whose singing and dancing talents are in the spotlight. He helped BTS move into the next stage of their career by becoming worldwide famous. As the lead vocalist of K-pop’s most popular boy band, Jimin has certainly hit a high note with his fans. He will celebrate his birthday next week. Ahead of his birthday, Korean illustrator-Lee K took to Instagram to show how he's marked the singer's birthday. Read below to find out more!

  • Jimin was born on 13th October 1995 in South Korea.
  • He has an estimated net worth of $8 million.
  • The pop star is well-known for his attractive looks and naturally glowing skin. 

Our favorite singer's birthday is coming up, and fans are crossing leaps and bounds to make it a memorable affair. BTS' Indonesian stans are working towards planting a mangrove in the honour of Mochi. This dedication clearly shows how adored he is by his fans.

Korean artist-Lee K has also turned towards ChimChim for inspiration. He turned his gorgeous face into a breathtaking painting to mark his birthday this year. Fans can't stop gushing over the gorgeous portrait.

The famous illustrator took to Instagram and shared the stunning masterpiece. While we couldn't stop admiring the beautiful piece, the artist also shared a closer look at the canvas to see the detailing. The painting was an 'oil on canvas' created on a 1200x900mm canvas. 

He captioned the series of photos, "Congrats #Jimtober". 

This isn't the first time Mochi turned muse for the artist. Lee participated in a workshop at 'Benjamin Eck Gallery' in Munich, Germany, where he presented his Jimin portrait. He has also worked on several projects inspired by ChimChim that have been exhibited in various other locations

Jimin performing at a concert!

Jimin is really an inspiration for artists and upcoming youths. His birthday will help the poor as the ARMY is giving charity and showing their love for him. The angel is adored by not only the ARMY but all over the world.

Listen to the singer performing "Dynimite" for the fans:

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