BTS owns one-third of the Billboard World Song Sales chart!

BTS aka The Bangtan Boys is a group of multi-talented artists. From hosting virtual concerts to working with UNICEF to end violence, the boys have made a name for themselves in today’s world. As they recently received the Billboard’s ‘Top Social Artist’ award, they also gained recognition for their place in one of its charts. Read below to find how many BTS songs made it on the World Digital Song Sales chart!

  • Jung Kook, V, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, RM, and Suga are members of the seven-piece K-pop band, BTS
  • The World Digital Song Sales chart is published by the Billboard magazine weekly since 2010, the year BTS was formed.
  • BTS’s debut English song, ‘Dynamite’ has made it on the Billboard’s Hot 100 list as no.1 song. Enjoy the music video below!

Now that the boys are a global sensation, keeping up with their success stories is getting out of hands. Do not fret about it, children! This is what we’re here for. Our job is to enlighten you about how well BTS is doing when it comes to their career.

The Bangtan Boys are known for their remarkable music and iconic dance moves. The band was already winning hearts in South Korea but since their US debut, they are now being celebrated on a whole new level.

The latest edition of the World Digital Songs Sales chart by Billboard just released information about the top 25 songs and guess what? BTS’s name is one 9 of them. That is like one-third of the chart! Well, we knew that the boys were a big deal nowadays, but this chart shows that they’re the ‘King of Music’

BTS appreciating their fans at their virtual concert, Map of the Soul ON:E 

We believe that the credit for their success goes to their beloved fandom, The Army. Their love and support have made it possible for the band to keep securing places on such charts and lists! Can you guess the songs that made on the sales chart? 

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