BTS band members are going to be multimillionaires soon

The K-pop stars are big not only in Asia, but in the United States as well. They performed at the MTV VMAs, launched their first single "Dynamite" in English and now this. Their record label is going public, and they received stocks as a gift for their music success. Read more below!

  • Despite the cancellations of events due to health reasons, the label managed to over 25 million dollars with online concerts, merch selling and streaming revenue. 
  • All 7 members of BTs (V, Jungkook, Jimin, RM, Jin, Agust D and J-Hope) are going to the mandatory military service in South Korea.
  • With the stocks they received, they will be able to live like Kings for years! 

Mandatory military in South Korea (due to the permanent tension with North Korea) gives people motive to look for business ideas while doing it. And even superstars need to do it. Last year, the famous soccer star Son, who plays in English Tottenham Football Club, had to went to his country for performing military drills. BTS members will have to go as well.

Son after finishing his training. Will be the next picture we see from BTS? Source: Getty

Anticipating that situation, their label Big Hit, offered the members  6,7% of the total value before going public. Their president, MR. Bang Si-hyuk told the media that apart from making them multimillionaires it would "form a long term association" and "boost their morale" for the future. They have become a success in the United States.

Their leader, RM is the only one that speaks English fluently. Is he going to be the next Justin Timberlake? We think part of the magic of K-Pop are the incredible choreographs, style and working as a unit. Not pretty sure if they could be successful as single artists. But for the time being, those are things mortal human beings need to worry about. They are going to be millionaires in a month. 

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