BTS with Steve Aoki

BTS and Steve Aoki's phenomenal New Year performance!

What better way to spend New Year's even than to party with BTS? The K-pop band were part of the New Year's Eve Live event which streamed on the Weverse app, a platform BTS use to interact with their fans, ARMYs. Many artists performed, including Halsey, Steve Aoki and Lauv. Keep reading for all the details about the performance!

  • BTS is a K-pop band with a net worth of $450 million!
  • Their first collaboration was with Steve Aoki, through the track 'Mic Drop'.
  • Mic Drop's remix currently has over 820 million views on YouTube!
  • Steve Aoki and BTS's live performance aired on 31st December 2020.
BTS and Steve Aoki. Source: Steve Aoki via Instagram

BTS didn't let ARMYs spend their New Year's Eve alone, the band spent it with them! Although they're a 7-member band, Suga was restricted due to his shoulder surgery and couldn't come. Instead, a new artist became their 7th member for them!

BTS during the shoot for Mic Drop. Source: BTS Official Facebook

Since the BTS song 'Mic Drop' was remixed by Steve Aoki, they performed the same remix for their fans. The DJ was shown on the screen, in a separate room while the musical group was at the forefront.

BTS performing Mic Drop for New Year's Eve. Source: BigHit Labels

Complete with a dance break and a recording for Suga's rap, it was almost a perfect performance- except for one aspect. As an ARMY, I couldn't help but miss the cheers and screams of loving fans during their stage. A fact that BTS themselves agree with.

BTS and ARMYs during the Love Yourself tour. Source: Zoe Goldstein

In Jungkook's Dear ARMY postcard that all members wrote for their fans, the 23-year-old told his fans how this pandemic made him realize the intensity of his love for them.

'I realized once again during our concert that singing and dancing in front of ARMY is the reason I exist. Dear ARMY, what would BTS be remembered as in your life?'

Jungkook during a pre-pandemic concert. Source: _bpcw

We miss you too Jungkook! BTS would be remembered as the light of my life for me. What about you? I hope 2021 not only gives us a solution to this pandemic, but also another amazing year of BTS with ARMY. And as Jin said in his Weverse interview,

'COVID-19: Please get lost.'

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