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Ariana Grande loves to wear to Vera Wang, these are her best outfits

Ariana Grande is not just a super talented singer, she is a fashion icon as well. These outfits from the designer Vera Wang are insane.

Through her career, Ariana Grande has created a characteristic image. Her unforgettable ponytail, her lolita style during the "Focus" age or the neon eyeliner for "Rain On Me" she always offers a new style that fits her perfectly.

At the moment maybe her approach to fashion is mostly defined by super high heels and mini dresses. However she is constantly trying new things.

Certainly, our personal taste will lend us to one particular style or designer. In this case Grande really likes Vera Wang collections. Let's check some of her most iconic outfits.

Ariana Grande was born to wera Vera Wang's designs

The house design Vera Wang is famous for its bride dress. The Chinese-American designer gained a lot of popularity because of her unique vision of the brides. Ariana Grande chose this brand to wear on her wedding day. She looked stunning!

Ariana's wedding dress / By @badbacky

Recently, her brother Frankie got married as well. Grande attended as a bridesmaid and her outfit made the internet crazy. Vera Wang is a brand perfect for weddings.

Ariana Grande wearing to Vera Wang / By @infoari

Back in 2018, Ariana attended the Met Gala wearing one of her most iconic outfits. This Vera Wang's dress was inspired by Sistine Chapel's fresco by Michelangelo. Such an unforgettable moment.

Ariana Grande at the Met Gala 2018 / By @ArianaGBCol

For the promotions of her perfume "God is a  woman" Grande decided that the perfect outfit needed this purple dress by the same brand.  She has such a good taste!

'God is A Woman' promotional / By @ArianatorFallen

We are waiting for a special collab between Ariana Grande and this fashion brand. Among all these outfits, which one is your favorite?

Do you know what Ariana Grande's best song is? Check this article to find it out.

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