Justin and Hailey Bieber

Are Justin and Hailey Bieber expecting a baby in 2021?

The truth about Justin Bieber's picture on Instagram. It definitely surprised everyone, but did he post it on purpose as an indirect to his fans? Learn more about it by scrolling down!

  • The image circulating on social media started speculation over when Bieber would start a family.
  • Fans are too excited to see him as a father.
  • Rumors might put on some pressure on the couple now.
  • He is surely not having any economical problem as his net worth rises to $260 million

It is extremely difficult for the singer's fans not to speculate about possible suspicion about he will have a baby with his wife, Haily Bieber.
After the star, age 26, uploaded a lovely photo of himself holding his newly born niece, rumors circulated about when the singer and his wife would have a child.

The Biebers are in deep love!

The popular couple got married in September 2018 and are deeply in love. However, they have not expressed their desire to become parents yet.

As a matter of fact, they recently said they would like to enjoy more time traveling just the two of them.
This makes me think of the downside to being famous, as it is clear that the couple could now feel some pressure to have a baby after this post. On the other hands, there are several benefits that come from being a celebrity that they surely can't complain!

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