Tekashi annuncing the release of his new album Tekashi annuncing the release of his new album

7 unknown facts about rapper rainbow Tekashi 6ix9ine

The hip-hop rapper is very well known for his gang issues and legal problems, but, don't forget everybody has a bright side. 6ix9ine has many sweet secrets hidden below his tainted hair and skin. Scroll down to discover them! 

  • Tekashi was born on May 8th, 1996 in New York.
  • The rapper has a net worth of $8 million.
  • The young artist who has a bad boy reputation and tinted-hair and a face full of tattoos has a very sweet side.

1. He is extremely talkative! Nobody will believe a bullied person to be talkative, but he is! 6ix9ine is always ready to have a chat with people.

2. Tekashi is a Dad! He has two daughters, Saraiyah and Briella Iris. Both of them with different moms. He even became a rapper to support his first girl.  

Tekashi and one of his daughters. Source: ohmymag

3. His birth name is Daniel Hernandez. He reinvented himself and created Tekashi69 as his celebrity name.

4. He worked in a deli before being famous. The hip-hopper delivered groceries. Always remember, life can change in a moment!

5. 50 Cent calls him "Son". Everybody believes it is because they both provoke people with their lyrics

50 Cent with Tekashi. Source: theblast

6. He helps his mom in every way possible. Their close relationship it's an example for every one of us. 

Tekashi surprising his mom with cash on her birthday

7. Suffers from asthma. The hip-hop singer uses an inhaler all the time.

The young rainbow-haired-rapper is a Pandora Box full of surprises. I'm sure if we wait a while he will disclose more and more secrets! Watch his latest music video "TUTU" below! 

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