What are the secrets that Bruno Mars will hide from us?

7 surprising secrets about Bruno Mars

We all have hidden secrets and like you, or like me, Bruno Mars has several saved under his pillow and today we want to share them with all his followers. Keep reading to know what it is about!

  • Bruno Mars lived in Honolulu throughout his childhood.
  • In 2009 signed his contract as a singer with Atlantic Records.
  • Billboard recognized him as one of the best songwriters in 2013.
  • The artist announced the release of his new album in 2021.

1) Bruno Mars is not his real name!

Bruno Mars had style since he was a child. Source: (Instagram)

Did you know that the singer's real name is Peter Gene Hernández? Despite being born in Honolulu, and many still believe the myth that he is the lost son of Michael Jackson, the artist has Latino and Filipino descent, as his father is Puerto Rican and his mother is from Hawaii.

The stage name of the young man was chosen by his father, in honor of the boxer Bruno Sanmartino, and Mars for the planet where the interpreter's mind is always.

2) He made his big debut at the age of five

This might be the cutest thing you'll ever see today! Bruno Mars was a great admirer of Elvis Presley and this led him to appear in the movie "Honeymoon in Las Vegas" imitating his greatest idol.

3) His first contract was a failure

Bruno Mars always trusted in his talent. Source: (eBay)

After finishing high school, the Hawaiian singer moved to Los Angeles to start taking steps within the music industry. The young man started out as a composer but his lack of experience did not allow him to immediately achieve fame.

His time at Motown Records was excellent training to get the attention of Atlantic Records, where he began writing songs for various artists, until finally in 2009 he managed to start his solo career.

4) He isn't single!

Bruno Mars with Jessica Caban looking amazing. Source: (Getty)

Although isn't has an unknown topic for many, Bruno has been in a relationship since 2012 with Jessica Caban. The singer usually keeps his private life low profile, but this couple met in 2010 and their crush was immediate.

5) One of his tattoos is just random

The random Bruno Mars tattoo on the left and the anchor that reminds him of his grandfather on the right.

The drawing of the composer's right forearm was chosen by a tattoo artist a few minutes before making it. Bruno intended to create a gypsy design for good luck. Now we know what is the secret of his great success.

6) "Just the way you are" wasn't written for anyone

Bruno Mars in the " Just the way you are" video.

7) His most important loss


The mother of the interpreter of "Just the way you are" passed away in 2013 due to a brain aneurysm. Bernadette Hernández was the greatest support in her son's career since she always knew that one day he would become a great star. One of Bruno's biggest dreams was to buy his mother a house, and he did so as soon as he managed to make a profit from his music.

Do you know anything else? Share it with us!

We learned about his past, and surely over the years many more secrets of the singer will be discovered, but if you know another one, please leave it in the comments!

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