7 facts you surely don't know about K-pop band T-ara 7 facts you surely don't know about K-pop band T-ara

7 facts you surely don't know about K-pop band T-ara

They made it to the big stages in Asia. Now, they are ready to conquer the United States. Sri, Eunjung, Hymn and Jiyeon are the members of current T-ara. The band has gone through several changes since their creation in 2009 and yet,  the K-pop group has not revealed all its secrets. Scroll down and learn a bit more about this amazing quartet!

  • Although the band has gone through numerous transformations, the final group was made of 4 members and not 6 as in the beginning.
  • Their first album was released in 2009, and the major success was "Bo Peep Bo Peep"
  • In 2011 they became the first Korean group to sign a contract in Japan.

1.  The original band was going to be called 'Crystal' 



2.CEO creativity


The former MBK Entertainment CEO, Kim Kwang Soo, put the name “Roly Poly” to the girls' success. That was the name of his favorite candy!


3. Roly Poly” was the song with more downloads in Korea in 2011

T-ara members on a presentation. Source: Pictakl

It was downloaded more than 4.000.000 times!

4. The dream stage


T-ara members celebrating their 10th anniversary. Source: Kenh14

In 2012, T-ara became the first Korean girls group to make it to “Budokan” Theater. The stage is known as the 'dream scenario' for Japanese singers.

5. Always in the top

  T-ara is in the 5th place of Korean music leaders. According to the K-Pop Charts Awards it became so popular that it will go into the K-Pop wall of Fame.

6. Money, bring me more money!

T-ara members wearing crowns. Source: Zing

Forbes' ranked the band in the second place among the K-pop girls groups with the highest money earnings in 2013.

7. K-Pop royalty

The girls are known as 'The Queens of K-pop' because T-ara means tiara. Even the fans club has that name.

The girls are celebrating their 11th anniversary with some promotion pictures. Will they be singing again after two years? Let's hope so! Be ready to read more about them anytime soon! In the meantime watch the video of one of their hits "Roly Poly"

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