7 facts you didn't know about Britney Spears maternity style

Even though Britney and her former husband, Kevin Federline, split up some years ago now 'Oops I didn't again' singer is trying her to raise her children the best possible way. Scroll down to learn every detail! 

  • Pop Princess is 38 years old, and already celebrating her 39th birthday in Hawaii.
  • Dancer Kevin Federline was her husband and father of her two children: Sean and Jayden.
  • Britney has always taken a lot of care of her kids even after divorcing their father.

1. Her kids are always first!

Britney and her kids. Source: The Blast

Spears have always been extremely sweet regarding her sons. The singer has even said: 'My kids come first, always. There is nothing more rewarding than being a mom and watching my sons grow into young men. I am so lucky that I get to experience all of life’s adventures with them'.

2. Dress code

Britney and her children. Source: Pop Sugar

'Toxic' fans know she was very daring and extremely sexy when picking up her clothes. However, now, she thinks things twice just not to embarrass her children. Sam's girlfriend wears simpler pieces of clothing now.

3. Math lessons

Britney and her children. Source: Daily Mail

 You won't believe it, but the Pop Princess had to take some Math lessons so that she could help her kids with their homework. The blond diva had a really bad time at school, so she doesn't want her children to go through that experience like her! Such a sweet good action!

4. Motivation on the way

Britney & her kids. Source: Women Only

 The Pop singer explained the reward toy system she has for Sean and Jayden. If the kids get X amount of As per month, they get a toy or a book. Mom-of-two explained that if we, adults enjoy rewards after a well-done-job, kids think the same and school is definitely their job.

5. Going hiking

Spears walking with her kids. Source: Growing Your Baby

 Lots of onlookers have found Britney walking with her two boys on many occasions. Californians love hiking, it seems to be running through their veins, everybody walks there; even stars. We should also remember the blood diva was a very athletic person, so, walking may seem to be truly important for her and her kids as well.

6. Skateboarding

Britney and her skateboarders. Source: Pop Sugar

 Both of her children love skateboarding, and although she is one of Hollywood's greatest stars, she takes them to the skate park because Britney loves watching them and what they learn on the skate. Kids also love showing everything to mom, obviously, so it is a win-win situation no doubt.

7. Full-time job

Brit and her kids having fun. Source: People

 Even though the singer has lots of things to do, lots of places to go to, she has always one main goal first: her kids. Federline's ex-wife considers being a mom her full time job and her priority. Then, comes her career and the rest of her life.

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