5 pictures of Cardi B when she was an exotic dancer 5 pictures of Cardi B when she was an exotic dancer

5 pictures of Cardi B when she was an exotic dancer

Yes, she worked that job. And yes, she earned a lot of money. And no, not as much as what she is earning right now with music. With a net worth of 25 million, Cardi is one of the most beloved rappers in the music industry. This New Yorker had to fight hard to get where she is right now. Look at the pictures below!

  • The 28-year-old mom worked in several areas like a supermarket, as a dancer and in a deli in Tribeca.
  • Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar comes from a poor family with Latin roots (his father is from Domincan Republic and his mom from Trinidad and Tobago).
  • She lied to her mother and said she was babysitting instead of dancing. 
Cardi with a tiny bikini in her youth

1) After she was fired from a restaurant in New York, the manager suggested that with her incredible body, she could dance, so she tried her luck while in her teenage years.

Cardi with her ex-boyfriend Tommy Geez

2) Having this job gave her the chance to escape domestic violence and poverty.

She also fights for their rights and appreciates the opportunity it gives many women to make a life outside the world and earn money really quick. 

Cardi being Cardi

3) Thanks to her job, she could go back to school and attended Borough Manhattan Community College

Cardi became a worldwide sensation after being discovered on social media Source: Getty Images

4) Afterwards, Bacardi (her original nickname) became famous after several media outlets started reposting her Vine and Instagram videos. 

5) Her musical debut came with the famous Jamaican singer Shaggy with the "Boom Boom" song remix. The rest, is history. 

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