Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth in The Last Song.

5 movie cameos of Miley Cyrus that you never noticed!

Miley Cyrus became known worldwide for her role as Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel's teen series of the same name and also starred in films such as LOL, The Last Song and So Undercover. But did you know that she also made cameos for other movies, and maybe you totally missed it? Scroll down to find out.

  • At the age of 12, Miley Cyrus auditioned for the role of Zoey in the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana, but in the end, she landed on the main character thanks to her talent for singing and dancing. 
  • From 2006 to 2011, the artist made everyone fall in love with her double life as student Miley Stewart and her alter ego, the famous singer Hannah Montana, along with father Billy Ray Cyrus.
  •  Thanks to the fame she gained with the series, Cyrus found a platform to display her art in other films such as 2010s The Last Song where she acted with her future husband, Liam Hemsworth. 

1) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2. promotional poster.

In the 2017 James Gunn-directed film, Miley appears but no one can see her. The cameo that the singer of “Midnight Sky” made for the adventures of the Dark Lord was a voice. In a scene where Mainframe appears, a cybernetic head, the voice of it is none other than our girl Smiley.

2) Sex and the City

Sex and the City cast.

The hit television series starring Sarah Jessica Parker featured Miley Cyrus as herself in 2010. The hilarious scene shows our girl at an award show wearing the same outfit as the iconic Samantha. They both looked amazing by the way.


3) Big Fish

A scene from Tim Burton's Big Fish.

If you look at the credits of this 2003 movie you won't be able to find Miley Cyrus but Destiny. That is her birth name, and she did not change it legally until 2008. In the scene where the singer of “Prisoner” appears we can see her at only 11 years old, and she was already acting great.


4) The Night Before

The Night Before promotional poster.

The now 28-year-old artist's appearance in this hilarious 2015 film was at the height of her hit “Wrecking Ball.” In fact, she sang the song in an emotional but also hilarious scene with Joseph Gordon Levitt who ends up proposing to his crush who was a Miley fan.

5) High School Musical 2

The cast of High Scholl Musical 2.

In the final scene of the teenage musical from 2007, the then Disney Channel star appears as a special guest on the song “All For One”.

Smiley was in fact chosen by the audience to be there in an online survey that was done on the channel's website. Her great friend Ashley Tisdale was there to accompany her on the film set.

It cannot be denied that despite the controversies that this artist has raised, she is one of the most beloved in the entertainment industry, not only for her millions of fans around the world but also for her colleagues who always have words of affection on her for the great person she is.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth in The Last Song.


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