5 jobs JLo had before becoming a celebrity

JLo had quite a difficult childhood: the girl from the Bronx wanted to be a Hollywood star and her parents didn't have money to support her 'career'. That didn't stop 'Waiting for tonight' singer to pursue her dream. Keep reading and learn more about her! 

  • Pa ti' singer was born on July, 24th 1969, in Bronx, New York.
  • When just a girl, she slept with her two sister in the same bedroom.
  • Lopez is the best paid Latina in Hollywood thanks to her great multi faceting career.

1. Dancing- 'Fly Girl'

JLo as one of the 'Fly girls'. Source: Alamy

 After too many drawbacks and tries, Jennifer Lopez made it to her first actual, real, high-profile show in “In Living Color” as one of the 'Fly girls'. A-Rod's fiancée was one of the dancers in the comedy show.

2. Acting-'Selena'

JLo was Selena. Source: Buzz Feed

 In 1997 JLo earned her first main role as Selena in the movie. Apart from the part in the film, she also became the first Latina to earn more than $1 million.

3. Designer. 'J-Lo'

JLo presenting her collection. Source: Graphics 8

 'Let's get loud' singer sang really loud actually, and she became a clothes designer. The clothing brand launch took place in 2001. In the fall 2005 the also-actress showed her first collection in the Olympus Fashion Week in New York.

4. Singer- 'On the 6'

Album cover. Source: Ebay

 In 1999, she also-singer decided to release her first album. The name of it comes from her childhood memories: it is the number of the subway 'Pa ti' singer had to take to go from the Bronx to Manhattan. 'Waiting for tonight' is one of her greatest hits and it was part of this very first album.

5. Designer- Perfumes

'Glow' Perfume. Source: Ebay

 Clothes was not particularly enough for JLo, so she decided to create a fragrance as well. 'Glow, by JLo' became her first perfume and her start off as an entrepreneur. As we always say, there are only a few stars in the world who manage to cover almost every field available, and well, as you can clearly see, Jennifer Lopez is one of them.

Will JLo venture herself into something else? Is there something she hasn't done (yet)? I think she loves working and creating different kid of things, so, probably, she is already thinking of what's next. Don't you agree? Don't forget to post your comment below!

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