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5 interesting facts about Dolly Parton

The flirtatious ‘Queen of Country’ has many secrets! Her particular look and her hit single 'Jolene' has made the singer earn a podium in the music industry. Without a doubt, miss Parton is one of the best country singers of all time, but have you ever wondered what’s life as Dolly? I picked five amazing facts you don’t want to miss, just read below!

  • Dolly Parton is 74 years old and was born in Tennessee, USA.
  • Her actual net worth is estimated to be 600 million dollars.
  • Parton was once ranked as the wealthiest country-music singer in 1998. 

1. Lost a contest to 'another' Dolly Parton

Country singer Dolly Parton with her lookalike during Netflix movie 'Dumplin' presentation. Source: Getty Images

It may look like a joke, but Dolly Parton showed up to a lookalike contest of Dollys and lost! There was a drag queen contest in Los Angeles when Parton decided to show up. She admitted having exaggerated massively her particular hair and breasts to what she was compensated with a huge defeat. The hilarious singer told in an interview:

 ‘All these beautiful guys were walking across, these Dolly Partons … and here I come walking across the stage and I got the least applause of anybody…'

I would definitely cheer for her!

2. Owns a theme park

'Dollywood' theme park entrance. Source: Getty Images

The country singer is the owner of the theme park called Dollywood located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It has 3 million visitors per year, but curiously Parton has never ridden any of the games she own. Even though she doesn’t use the attractions, she does concerts and is proud of the great growth of her amusement park.  Dollywood was once a small theme park with a steam locomotive, and now it’s known for having five music festivals every year and concerts besides having a food chain called Dollywood’s Spalsh Country and the Dixie Stampede casino. As part of her support to the LGTBQ community, she set a ‘Gay Day’ at the theme park on April 29th. I would like to go someday!

3. She turned down Elvis Presley!

Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton. Source: Getty

Calm down...she isn’t that silly. What happened really is that Elvis offer to cover ‘I Will Always Love You’ song. Parton was very torn to turn down the offer, but she publicly expressed that she was never going to give up half of the publishing rights as part of the settlement Elvis manager, Tom Parker was giving her. Parker told Parton this was a ‘rule’, to what she savagely answered

‘Well, it's not my rule'.

Dolly was shocked when she met him the night after at a studio session and listen Presley cover it, and thinks about the deal up to this day. Maybe this dream collab would have been a success, but we can’t complain as Whitney Houston covered it in 1992 for The Bodyguard movie which turned it into an epic classic!

4. Parton still has a provocative personality 

Parton is known to be a very flirtatious and provocative person. She actually expressed shamelessly:

“Yeah I flirt. I’m not blind, and I’m not dead”

Despite having a playful personality, she has been married for over 50 years with Carl Dean and never stopped being herself. The singer admitted being linked with several affair scandals that none weren’t true.

Some of them were Sylvester Stallone, Billy Ray Cyrus, Burt Reynolds and her long-time female friend Judy Ogle. She would never talk about her romantic life as a very reserved person. Dolly recently uploaded a video where she expressed:

 ‘I’ve always been misunderstood because of how I look, don’t judge me by the cover...’ And ended spicing it up with ‘Cause I am a real good book.’

Classic Dolly! She is now uploading short videos to her Instagram profile talking about life quotes or ‘Dollyisms’ as she calls them. Go check them up. 

5. Loves taking the bus

A young Dolly Parton with her tour bus. Source: Getty

It’s not common to know famous singers as Parton who prefer sleeping on their tour buses. For example, Carrie Underwood says she hates sleeping on tour buses for the lack of space. Well, Dolly is one of a kind who loves sleeping on her 750.000 dollar tour bus.

Dolly would always say:

‘You can’t put a price on comfort’

She expressed that she rather sleep on the bus than moving her luggage to a different hotel room every night. It doesn’t seem to be that crazy, isn’t it? It's less crazy when you know that the ‘Gyspy Wagon’ has a pink bedroom, a special closet for her wigs and clothes, a makeup area and not one, but two showers!



Isn’t Dolly Parton an impressive personality? She knows how to make her values count when needed and has a steamy and humble presence in the music industry and her public. Her 74-year-old body still remains a modern artist until this day. Now that you know this interesting facts about Dolly Parton, you can now go and check on her music or Dollyisms. Old and new, she is a beast in the country music field. Young and old, she is a beast in life.

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