5 incredible Kane Brown songs you need to listen ASAP

Although our favorite artists probably have plenty of songs, there are some singles that become hits and unique because they touch our heart. We made a selection of the musical pieces every good fan of Kane Brown should know. Discover them scrolling down! 

  • The country music star is married to the American singer Katelyn Jae. 
  • He has two albums and three EP until now. 
  • 'Lose It' is the most popular song of his career nowadays. 

1. “Used to Love You Sober”

'Used to love you sober' cover

This was the first legit single of Kane, most of the people knew him thanks to it and today it has over 42 million streams on Spotify. Watch the music video clip here.

2. “Homesick”

'Homesick' cover

This song it's definitely one of the fans favorite from Brown. It inspires us to dance in the kitchen, and around the whole  house with someone you love. Furthermore, he dedicated it to the members of the U.S.A. army. So sweet! Watch the music video clip here.

3. “Good as You”

'Good as you'

All Kane's followers love this song because it's dedicated to his wife Katelyn Jae. It isn't the first one he writes about her, but it's an incredible tribute in which he appreciates how she gives love to all the family. Watch the music video clip here.

4. “What Ifs” (Feat. Lauren Alaina)

What ifs with Lauren Alaina

This single definitely highlights Kane's incredible voice. It's one of those in which you can't believe he sings like that. It also contrasts excellent with the angelical voice of Lauren Alaina with whom he gave an incredible performance at the 2018 ACM Awards. Watch the music video clip here.

5. “Lose It”

'Lose it' on Youtube

This is the most known song of Kane until now. It was a No.1 single and with it, he won prizes like the American Music Awards. It was the trigger that raise the quality of all his music.

Singer Kane Brown

We are charmed by all the music that Kane offers to us, but definitely we think that this five singles that we chose are the best ones.  If you want to know how versatile, lovely and sweet his music is, listen to them and, if you already love him, just listen to them too. Which is your favorite? Here is the video clip of 'Lose it' for you:

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