5 facts about Bobby Brown’s heartbreaking family story!

R & B singer Bobby Brown, 51, has sadly lost his son Bobby Jr., 28. He is the second child that singer Brown has lost, following the death of Bobbi Kristina, his daughter with ex-wife, the late pop star Whitney Houston. Bobby Jr. had a lot of potential and wanted to be like his dad. Read on as we reveal the dramatic story of his family!

  • Artist and producer Bobby Brown was born in Boston, Massachusetts on February 5th 1969.
  • Brown started his career in the R&B and pop band New Edition in 1981 until he decided to leave the group in 1985 to start his solo career.
  • The singer gained commercial and critical success with his second album “Don’t Be Cruel” released in 1998. It topped the Billboard charts with the number one hit “My Prerogative” and the Grammy Award-winning song “Every Little Step."
  • Brown married singer Whitney Houston in 1992. Their rocky relationship was ruined by substance addiction and domestic violence.
Bobby Brown Jr. and his girlfriend Anna Reed. Source: Twitter

Bobby Brown Jr. was a musician and wanted to become famous like his father. He was in a serious relationship with a 22-year-old woman called Anna Reed. Sadly he was found dead at a home on Wednesday 18 November.

His family has a tragic story and has suffered several losses:

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston troubled marriage. 

1) Brown Sr. and late singer Whitney Houston had a daughter named Bobbi Kristina Brown who was born in 1993. However, their happy family story was not destined to last very long. Bobby Sr. started to have legal troubles and his popularity as a musician declined.

The seven-times Grammy-winning singer Whitney Houston

2) Brown’s musical fame eventually became totally overshadowed by his difficult marriage to Houston. He became infamous for his marital and legal problems rather than his musical career. The couple divorced in 2007 after 15 years of marriage.

3) In 2012, Whitney Houston died at age 48 after accidentally drowning in the bathtub in a Beverly Hills hotel room in California due to drug intoxication.

Bobbi Kristina the daughter of singers Houston and Brown.

4) Bobbi Kristina, Brown and Whitney Houston’s daughter was discovered unconscious in a bathtub in 2015 in similar circumstances to her mother. She spent several months in a coma, on life support, and died of brain damage.

5) Bobby Brown Sr. has run into trouble with the law throughout his life. Since the 1990s he has received short prison sentences for offenses such as drunk driving, failing to pay child support, and many other offenses.

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