Jennifer Lopez is seen on location for 'Hustlers' on April 24, 2019 in New York City.

5 clothing items JLo can't stop wearing

2020 was by far the sweatpants' year. Most people didn't wear fancy clothes but sporty, they just wanted to be comfortable at home! Jennifer Lopez isn't the exception! Check below the diva's top 5 items she wore day and night during the lockdown. 

  • During 2020 almost  everybody had to stay at home because of the world's health situation.
  • People around the globe decided to wear more comfortable clothes than the ones they used when going to work.
  • JLo proved to be one of those people! She spent the whole year wearing loose clothes. 

1. Leggings

JLo wearing 'Niyama Sol' leggings. Source: Daily Mail UK

 Really, in 2020 we all learned elegant trousers were totally unnecessary. JLo included! The star wore leggings all the time. They are 100% more comfortable than any other kind of trousers whatsoever. Besides, A-Rod's fiancée loves activewear. Jenny from the block trains a lot and wore them quite regularly. However, this year was something totally different. She took leggings to a whole new level. The brand JLo uses the most is Niyama Sol. But don't misunderstand me, Latina became quite a fan of all leggings kinds and brands.

2. Jeans

JLo wearing Tom Ford jeans. Source: Daily Mail UK

Denim became one of JLo's most adored treasures in 2020. Leaving any other kind of trousers aside, jeans became a must in her wardrobe. The star wore all kinds of denim (when she was not wearing leggings). Either tight or loose were O.K. With high heels or sneakers. Let's face it, JLo taught us everything matches with denim!  

3. Sneakers

JLo matching sneakers with basically everything. Source: Glamour

 Yes, Jennifer Lopez designed shoes in collaboration with DSW (click here to learn everything you need to know about it). True. In her collection, you will find many many high heel shoes and boots. However, there is a great variety of sneakers and flat sandals. Clearly, JLo understood the essence of this weird year. The mother of two wore sneakers with basically everything, from jeans to shorts and even dresses. Go go sneakers! Can somebody remind us what high heels are again? Extra point for JLo: they became a super trendy piece of clothing.  

4. Sweatsuits

JLo wearing a super colorful sweatsuit. Source: Instyle

 We all agree we can name 2020 as 'the sweatsuit year'. If we continue in the same cozy-relaxed-line, this is what follows. Sweatsuits became a must in everybody's wardrobe. This year nobody had to wear tight shirts nor dresses all the time which sometimes showed the little belly we all have. COMFORT is what we have all been after in this lockdown year. Is there any other clothing item that may be as relaxed adequate for the occasion as this one? I really don't think so! And JLo seems to agree with me! The 'Waiting for tonight' singer couldn't stop wearing sweatshirts!  

5. Timberland

JLo wearing Timberland shoes

The shoe brand is never outdated. In fact, those boots seem to be always fashionable. JLo knows that. They are comfortable because of their special design, they keep your ankle fix, so you have not the slightest opportunity of bending (this is a must within artists!). 59-year-old star loves them so much she wears them with hairy coats as well as with a plain T-shirt.


JLo and her daughter Emme Muñiz. Source: Daily Mail UK

 Let's be honest, we all love this kind of clothes as much as Jennifer Lopez does. Let's hope this comforting trend continues and never leaves us, so we can live a bit happier than before! 

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