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4 celebrities who are fans of Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is the most popular young artist in the world. An important part of the 5-time Grammy Award winner’s success is the love from her devoted fans. From Jennifer Lopez to Julia Roberts, some of the world's most famous stars are amazed with the 19-year-old! Watch the video below to find out the amazing A-list stars who follow the "Everything I Wanted" singer!

  • Billie Eilish was the most streamed female artist of 2020. The 19-year-old singer-songwriter gets almost 50,000,00 monthly streams on Spotify.
  • Many celebrities have kids who are just the right age to be fans of Billie Eilish. They love to go backstage and meet the teenager idol and in fact, not only their children adore Eilish. They are also big fans of the singer too!
  • Did you know that Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts, Latin pop star Jennifer Lopez, Sir Elton John, and many other celebs are huge fans of Billie Eilish?

1) Jennifer Lopez

Lopez revealed that meeting Billie Eilish is something she will never forget. It was her daughter Emme’s happiest moment in life.  So for her, sharing the experience was very special.

"My daughter is in love with Billie Eilish. She walked in the room after the concert and she was in tears because she's idolized this girl, her songs and the words she says she connects to, and she loves her style."

Jennifer Lopez - Source: Getty Images

After meeting Eilish, JLo started to appreciate her own place in the hall of fame. The Latin star also realized how important it is to interact with your fans.

The “Hustlers” actress is so grateful to Billie. Imagine how awesome it would be if the pair collaborated on a song. It would be totally amazing!

2) Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts, Finneas and Billie Eilish at the ASCAP Awards.

The Academy Award-winning actress confessed that for her Billie Eilish is everything, her music is incredible and she was over the moon to meet her. The Hollywood legend posted a lovely pic with the "Bad Guy" singer on her Instagram page.

"I got the opportunity to meet her and her brother, Finneas who is an incredible musician in his own right. He plays with her when she comes on stage. They seem very adorably close, so they’ve got me right there".

Billie Eilish and her mother Maggie Baird.

Their mom and dad who are also actors admire Julia Roberts and they always support Billie and Finneas backstage. The “Pretty Woman” actress told Maggie Baird, Eilish’s mother, that her daughter is a little heavenly creature.

3) Elton John

Elton John wearing glasses - Source: Twitter

The legendary British music icon said that Eilish is one of the most talented young ladies he has ever heard.

"Her album was amazing. She's come a long way very quickly. She's an incredible word of mouth artist," he told the outlet. "All the tracks we’ve played have been so different, and that’s what I love about her. There is no box to put you in. There are no rules."

Billie Eilish live on tour in 2020 - Source: Getty Images

Elton hopes that the world pandemic finishes soon so she can go back on the road and perform. He can’t wait to see Eilish live because she has something very special going on. Talent like hers doesn’t come along very often!

4) Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke of Radiohead performing live onstage

In previous Yaay articles, we revealed that Kiss iconic bassist Gene Simmons praised Billie Eilish as one of the most talented contemporary artistsClick here to read all about it!

Billie Eilish - Source: Getty Images

Even Generation X icons are fans of Billie Eilish. The leading singer of Radiohead took his kids to an Eilish concert. Yorke went backstage to meet her and become the hippest dad for his children. The rock star surprised Billie by showing his appreciation.

 “You’re the only one doing anything f*king interesting nowadays.”

Billie Eilish and Finneas at the 2020 Grammys

Finneas believes that’s the coolest thing anyone’s ever said to Billie, especially coming from one of the most respected artists on the world music scene.

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