The brilliant singer, Justin Bieber. The brilliant singer, Justin Bieber.

3 workout routine tips from the singer Justin Bieber! 

The 26-year-old popular star rose to fame after his song, 'Baby'. He got married to the gorgeous model, Hailey Rhode in 2018. Justin has always invested in his health to remain fit. Apart from his vocals, his wife got Bieber's amazing body as a bonus. Read below to find out his fitness secret!

  • The 5'9" tall singer has an estimated net worth  of $285 million.
  • Bieber has won the iHeart Music Award for 'Best Lyrics' in 2020.
  • He is the most followed artist on Instagram with 148 million followers. 
  • Watch his workout video below!

1) Justin exercises five days a week for 45 minutes each, with his outstanding trainer, 'Patrick Nilsson'. He has transformed from being a skinny boy to a heartthrob body builder.The pop star has divided his workout into three days splits, triceps and back on day one, biceps and chest on day two, shoulders and legs on day three, and abs every day.

He rotates his exercises so workout is always fun for him and he advises his fans to do the same. Bieber said: " I'm not on a special diet, but I do try to watch what I eat" .

Eating responsibly gives you great control over your life. It's great to see that Justin is committed to his goal and makes good healthy choices every day to achieve his amazing physique. That amount of commitment to yourself is a great way of self-love and is an inspiration for his fans. 

The talented singer, Justin Bieber.

2) Did you know that Bieber plays a lot of sports? The musician is a phenomenal hockey player and a skateboarder. No wonder he is always seen riding a skateboard.

He also loves to play basketball and soccer. Justin believes that sports are very important to remain healthy and fit. He does pull ups, one of the most functional exercises every day to improve his athletic skills.

Sports is a great way to maintain your body as it adds agility to your body and burns all the fat. We wonder which sport will he add to his workout routine next. 

3) He focuses on 'proper form' and working out slowly to achieve better results. The talented artist also does breathe exercises and has instructed his admirers by posting videos on Instagram. This is how he stays in great shape and has maintained his perfect figure at the age of 26.

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. His new workout routine has helped Bieber get over his mental challenges. He knows what he wants in life. Hailey surely is a lucky girl.

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