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How Billie Eilish spends her millions

The youngest Grammy's awards winner star, Billie Eilish, has a $20 million net worth. Do you want to know how she spends her money? Dive deeper into her world and take a look!

  • After her multiple Grammy Awards, streaming services, merchandising selling and live concerts, the singer earned millions of money and sponsorship deals.
  • Her song "Bad Guy" has almost 1 billion views on YouTube alone.
  • The new hit "My Future" reached 40 million reproductions in two weeks.

1. Accessories

Billie and her luxury sneakers

It is uncertain how much she’s obsessed with them. Necklaces and chokers are on the top of the list. She chooses the most expensive brands like Gucci, Bulgari, Chanel, and Chopard.

2. Sneakers

Billie Eilish loves sneakers!

One of the reasons for the musician's success is not just her hard work but also how comfortable she keeps herself no matter where she is. Billie is often seen wearing high-end sneakers in all of her Instagram posts, and most of them belong to Chanel and Nike. She has explained to the media that her "baggy" clothes are on purpose, so nobody knows how her body is.

3. Nails

Billie Eilish wearing Channel handgloves and showing off her black nails with diamonds at the Oscars 2020

It looks like a day doesn't go by when Billie doesn't visit a nail spa. At this point she might have someone that comes to her home and does her hands privately. She has freshly done, shiny and longer nails than anyone in the industry. That's her signature look, and she's totally obsessed with it. Check out these 5 designs inspired by her!

Extra: Burritos

Billie Eilish eating a burrito.

As you all know, Billie loves eating vegan and her favorite treat are burritos! Who doesn't love Mexican food? Check out the following video if you want to learn what she eats while touring the United States and the world!

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