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3 unknown facts about Beyoncé Knowles

From her talent to her wealth, Beyoncé is a woman that has everything. She broke several records in the music industry, and she continues to surprise the fans with new projects. Read more below!

  • Beyoncé Giselle Knowles is one of the greatest musicians in the last 50 years.
  • Born in Houston, Texas, she holds several records including the most watched Super Bowl performance.
  • The marriage with Jay-Z and their philanthropic gestures are admired worldwide.

1. Records

The diva singing live

 Being the most nominated woman in the Grammy Awards history as well as winning 6 statues in one night made her enter the Hall of Fame of the music industry.

2. Invented a new word

Superbowl Halftime Show by Destiny´s Child

 With her former group, Destiny’s Child, they invented the word "b**ylicious". It was the title of one of their songs and The Oxford Dictionary recognized it.

3. Generosity

Jay Z and Beyonce, a powerful couple in the music industry. Source: Getty Images

 She advocates mental health issues, donates money to anti-racism institutions and is a volunteer to organizations that help with natural disasters like hurricanes and tornados.

To end this article, one of her most popular songs that will definitely cheer you up, "Single Ladies", with over 770 million views. 

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