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3 unknown facts about Halsey

This recently named 'leader of the next generation' by Time Magazine has tons of stuff about her that we didn't know yet. She announced her pregnancy, and we discovered some really cool facts! Discover them below!

  • Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, a.k.a. Halsey, is an American singer, songwriter, and activist.
  • She was born on September 29, 1994
  • Her mother works as an emergency medical technician, and her father manages a car dealership.

1. She is biracial

Halsey with her brother Sevian

Her parents, Chris and Nicole Frangipane have some amazing backgrounds. Her mother, Nicole, is Irish, Hungarian, and Italian, and her father, Chris, is Irish and African American.

2. Used to be homeless

Halsey. Source: Rolling Stone Magazine

When she ended high school, Halsey didn't have money and had to live on New York's streets. She even admitted that she considered selling her body just so that she would be able to eat that day. Can you imagine living like this? Poor Halsey!

3. She has almost 30 tattoos 

Some of Halsey's tattoos. Source: Adobe Stock

This musician loves expressing herself through her artwork, and having tattoos is an excellent way of sharing art and expressing ourselves too. There are some of her tattoos that we see the most. These are a rose on her shoulder, a queen of hearts on her ear, among others. 

Some of Halsey's tattoos. Source: Getty Images

Definitely, this young activist is full of surprises that make us admire her more and more every time. We are grateful about her sharing her experiences to encourage us to believe in ourselves and trust in faith. Cheers, Halsey! Did you know all this stuff about her?

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