3 times Billie Eilish was seen wearing tight clothes

3 times Billie Eilish was seen wearing tight clothes

Despite it might not seem like that, the 19-year-old singer has one of the most careful looks in the music industry. Her baggy clothes outfit goes always with incredible manicure and accessories that match. Like everyone, she is a human being and sometimes like to just wear whatever thing is around and three of those times, paparazzi caught her. Watch the video and the pictures below!

  • Billie was a trend in 2020 and responded to trolls that criticized her looks for going shopping in Los Angeles.
  • She wore a tight top and her body shape was seen entirely! 
  • At the 2020 Billboards Music awards, where she won Top New Artist / Top Female Artist / Top Billboard 200 Album she was wearing her favorite color green.

It's rare for us to see anything of her body, and we need to guess whether she is fit or not, what types of abs she has or if her curves are impressive or not.

Still, there are a couple of times when she didn't leave much to imagination! 

1. Bikini photo

This could be one of the most famous showers in the world

This is literally the first picture where Billie was seen in bikini. Fans around the world were surprised with her curves and several got an instant crush after seeing it.

2. White tank top

The photo that went viral: Billie Eilish with a white tank top

Before turning 18, a casual photo was leaked where she was wearing a tight white/transparent top and her cleavage was to be seen. Millions of comments made this one of the most likeable pictures of social media. 

3. Supermarket outfit

Baggy clothes. The main style of Pirate (yes, her middle name is Pirate, and no, we aren't joking) has been always wearing extra large hoodies or shirts so that nobody knows what her body looks like. When she was seen wearing this outfit in Los Angeles in October 2020, social media exploded and many commented her body shape. In an intelligent response, the singer posted a super attractive picture that made everybody with their mouth shut. 

Extra: Bottoms up!

Billie wearing a transparent beach outfit!

Billie wore a two-pieces swimsuit and translucent black dress above it. The dress left nothing to the imagination, and it had a print of tons of colorful bunnies. Actually, the article we wrote about it was one of our most viewed articles in the whole year with over 3 million views in less than 24hs! Impressive right?

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